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Promoting Hamedan tourism potentials a necessity

  • Wednesday, 25 November 2015 00:21
Hamedan city, the capital of the western province of Hamedan, is recognized as one of the favorite destinations for tourists to Iran. All historical and natural attractions of the city are unique in their own way. The city, with some of the most beautiful natural sceneries, is a wonderful place…


  • Saturday, 21 November 2015 22:07
Hamadan, also spelled Hamadān, ancient Ecbatana,  city, capital of Hamadān province, west-central Iran. It is situated at the northeastern foot of Mount Alvand (11,716 feet [3,571 metres]). Itself at an elevation of 6,158 feet (1,877 metres), the city dominates the wide, fertile plain of the upper Qareh Sū River. There is…