Shiraz Elephant Bazaar

In Darb-e-Shahzadeh neighborhood, there is another market called “Swordsmen Bazaar”, which also has in the Swordsmen’s 11 pairs of shops. There is another store Market called the Elephant Caravanserai.

In ancient times, the elephant caravanserai was a place to buy and sell carpets, and merchants and carpet sellers used to buy and sell carpets in this place, and in a way, this place was the center of wholesale carpet sales and still remains strong, and now in the elephant caravanserai They are engaged in carpet trade.

Karim Khani Elephant House The beautiful and pleasant atmosphere of this historical palace is a very attractive place for tourists and visitors. The building of this beautiful palace was built around 1180 AH by the order of Karim Khan Zand, which has four porches and 7 rooms on each side and in each angle ( Corner) Four other rooms are built, in the middle of the elephant courtyard there is a beautiful and old pool of water and the old entrance of the caravanserai is a simple brick arch that is connected to the courtyard by a corridor. Caravanserais have played an important role in the development and communication between different cities and countries, because travelers who traveled miles from one city to another for business and tourism and with cattle needed to rest somewhere and give water to their animals. And feed and even stay there for a while, so caravanserais have played an important role in establishing communication and interaction between cities and economic development and market

Source (Iranian sites)