Kermanshah,Taq-e Bostan

The historical site of Taq-e Bostan is located at the foot of the mountain of the same name in the northeast of the current outskirts of Kermanshah. To see Taq-e Bostan, you must go to the west of Iran and the province and the spectacular city of Kermanshah. You can see this relief in Taq-e-Bostan neighborhood. In the past, Taq-e-Bostan was the name of a village 9 km from Kermanshah. With the passage of time and urban development, this village was located in the city limits and became one of the neighborhoods of this city, which is currently located in the northeast of Kermanshah. This collection of motifs is located on the slopes of a mountain and next to a lake known as Tagh Bostan Lake. In the past, this place with its pleasant climate and nature, was a place for fun and hunting of Sassanid kings, and carved maps show this. Throughout history, kings have tried to use their art, glory and grandeur. To show and immortalize not only for their people, but for the whole of history. One of the ways to show the power and greatness of kings was to carve on rocks, mountains and create reliefs of important events of the time. They asked the artists to carve events such as the coronation, the victory over the enemies on the top of the mountain and on the rock so that every passer-by could see it.