Chabahar Red Lake

Chabahar is a port city, as its name suggests, a city with a spring climate that is of great economic and tourism interest to the general public. This city attracts a lot of domestic and foreign tourists every year because of the unique attractions that exist in this area. In this article, Elie Gesht intends to talk about one of the fascinating and a little strange attractions. In this port city, which is Lipar wetland in Chabahar, let us describe your service. This wetland is known as one of the main attractions of Chabahar due to its unique nature, and it is interesting to know that there are only 4 similar examples in the world. There is. Join us in the continuation of this article to learn more about this tourist attraction in Chabahar.

Lipar Wetland in Charbahar
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As mentioned above, Lipar Wetland is one of the unique attractions located on the coast of Oman in Iran and only four similar examples have been observed around the world. This lake has received a lot of attention due to its pink color. They are very safe and environmentally friendly for a large number of animal species; However, some of these wetlands in other parts of the world, which may be as many as the fingers of one hand, are distinguished from others by their special color. The water of these lagoons is milk-strawberry-colored due to the presence of plant bacteria and plankton, and therefore, they seem suitable for drinking, but in fact they are among the saltiest reservoirs in the world. It is strongly recommended that you do not drink this water.

Lipar Wetland Pink Wetland of Iran
Vegetation of Lipar Wetland in Chabahar
Due to its geographical location, this region has suitable conditions for the growth and cultivation of various species of oak and nettle. These plants grow in the water of this lagoon and create an extremely beautiful scene, which is exemplified not only in Iran is rarely seen in the world.

There is a plain next to this lagoon, which the locals also call the bride of Chabahar. In Balochistan, Dashtan means young girls who are not yet married. The reason for naming this area with this name is the lush and young trees that exist in it.

Lipar Wetland in southern Iran
Animal species of Lipar wetland in Chabahar
In addition to the various plants that grow in this area, various animals can be seen in it, which include birds such as Changar, Flamingo, Kashim, herons, peacocks, cormorants, terns, eagles, has doubled the beauty of this area. . In addition, wild cotton grows in this area, from which the locals make mattresses and pillows. According to the surveys and statistics conducted in this port city about animal species, a result has been obtained that we can show this result as follows:

93 species of plant plankton, 31 groups of animal plankton, 64 species of mollusks, 85 species of fish, 24 species of crustaceans, 14 species of myobenthos and 46 different species of algae have been identified.

Lipar Wetland
Ecosystem of Lipar Wetland in Chabahar
The wetland ecosystem in Chabahar is done in the form of a red tide, which is one of the sights of the southern coast of Sistan and Baluchestan province and is very surprising for visitors. The beauty of this phenomenon can be seen in the Lipar Valley, where it is called the Pink Wetland. In the case of red, this phenomenon is the product of the activity of plankton.

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