Chabahar mangrove forest is located in the coastal area of ​​Goatherd Bay, near the place where the Bahuklat River flows into the Oman Sea, and is one of the most interesting places in Chabahar. Mangrove is a shrub that grows in swamps in warm regions on the coasts of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and southern Iran. In mangrove forests, the flowers resemble king-like flowers and the fruit is in the form of an egg capsule with a seed inside that opens with two slits. Mangroves are sun-loving species that reach a height of five to 10 meters depending on biological conditions. The root in this species is superficial and consists of a short vertical root and a large number of oblique lateral roots. Mangroves also have aerial roots called respiratory roots, and on the surface of these roots there are many lentils that allow the plant to breathe and exchange gas.

Source of Iranian sites