Chaldoran, Mashhad

One of the areas that has been added to the sights of Mashhad in the last decade is the Chalidreh tourism and recreation area of ​​Mashhad, which has various recreational and welfare facilities and in recent years has become one of the tourism hubs of Mashhad and receives many visitors every year. he does. Is.
There are various valleys in Torqabeh city of Mashhad, including Arghavan valley and Chalidreh valley, which are considered as natural attractions of this part of Iran. Chalidreh valley, which is one of the natural attractions of Torqabeh city, is fed by a river called Jagharq, and the existence of this valley and river together has created a natural attraction in this area.

Chalidreh Mashhad – Where is Chalidreh?
Chali Darreh tourist area with an area of ​​160 hectares (160 thousand square meters) has a pleasant climate as well as a special geographical and economic location in the city of Mashhad and the existence of various tourism facilities with a relaxing environment and beautiful scenery in the Chalidreh recreation area of ​​Mashhad. , Has caused this tourist area to have many fans and domestic and foreign tourists as well as Mashhad neighbors to visit it annually and it is considered as one of the famous resorts of Mashhad. Chalidreh facilities, which are among the sights of Mashhad, are very many, and in the following, we will mention some of these Chalidreh facilities.

Restaurant with menu of Persian and French dishes
Coffee shop with a pleasant environment
Exciting cable car
Lake fishing
Mashhad Challenger Bungee Jump
Chalidreh Revolving Tower
Chalidreh Mountain Train
Zipper Chalider
Recreational pier
Lamakdeh and Chalidreh teahouses
Famous Mashhad Chalidreh Trap
Traditional Photography Atelier
Special entertainment facilities for children

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